Go Camping with your iPhone

Shovel, Swiss Army Knife, or duct tape are the most important thing that other campers would bring. However, there a thing that gives you multiple usage, iPhone.

The iPhone is one piece of equipment that goes everywhere with us, and that means camping too.

Below are the great apps and features that will make your camping worthwhile.

iPhone flashlight

Where’s your headlamp? This app has many a time saved me in my tent, digging around within the dark, or in my vehicle with its pathetically dim dome light that shines some places, but not exactly where my headlamp is hiding.

iphone gps

Not that you’d ever get lost or anything.

Listen to Bedtime Stories
The iPhone features a small external speaker that is loud sufficient for two tent mates to listen to a couple episodes from the Moth or The Dirtbag Diaries at a backcountry campsite in the Sawtooths prior to falling asleep. Useful for all those occasions you’re too tired to have meaningful conversation, but cannot quite fall asleep however.

iphone music playerIt’s Your Personal Soundtrack
I’m not the guy bringing the boom box towards the crag, but the iPhone speaker can offer just enough music for certain outdoor situations. I have had a dance party in a mountaineering tent at Camp Muir, two-fisted ice cream cones to Party Rock Anthem on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, tried to impress girls around campfires with singer-songwriter stuff, and always discover an appropriate time to play Kickstart My Heart.

camp ground finderYour Campground Finder
Exactly where are you going to sleep tonight? If you’re in your vehicle on America’s great Interstate Highway method, the Rest Area Finder app will guide you towards the nearest “Bathhouse of the New Millennium” – ahem, rest area.

park finder

Park Finder
If you prefer to sleep below the stars instead of below the glow of rest region lights, the Oh Ranger! ParkFinder app will show you the nearest state and national parks for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, picnicing, et cetera, by map.

iphone-wifi-hotspotSniffs Out Free Wi-Fi
Totally free Wi-Fi Finder app: If you work in the road – and by “the road,” I mean “anywhere with free wi-fi”- this is indispensable for discovering libraries, coffee shops, visitors centers, chambers of commerce, and other sources of free wireless. Always nice to have some options, rather of pulling into the nearest Flying J or McDonald’s and thinking your only choice may be to sit in the passenger seat of your vehicle and answer e-mails.

photosss-101Your Camera
For years I lied to myself and thought I required much more than 5-megapixel pictures of my adventures. Now I’ve come to the realization that my pictures truly aren’t going anyplace in addition to my weblog and Facebook. So the iPhone does just fine. Yes, it has limitations, but if you are not a great photographer, your own limitations will quit you far brief from the iPhone’s limitations. Plus it can play Kickstart My Heart, and I’m guessing your camera cannot.

Not that you’d get lost or anything.

Your Book
Two words: Kindle app. If you have a full charge on your camera/mini boom box/compass/flashlight/mobile talking device, you’ve got a lot of battery for reading, with no extra weight. Download a book prior to you hit the trail, place your telephone on airplane mode, and appreciate.
Source of an Ungodly Amount of Beta
Every trail, mapping, snow report, avalanche information, climbing beta app and mobile website there is: North Face Trailhead, Colorado Avalanche Information Center, the Mountain Project app, Ski Utah Snow Report app, Surfline Surf Report app, to name just a couple of.

iphone defense
Self-Defense Weapon
Worst-case scenario, you can throw it at that charging grizzly bear.


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