DIY Leather Strap Hanging Planter

Hey guys!!  I have a SUPER fun and simple tutorial !  Leather Strap Planters for my budding cactus garden (I have a serious problem with cute cacti).


To make these planters you will need:

A vessel, bowl, or vase of your choosing

4 pieces of Leather Cording that is the length that you want your planter to hang (or leather that you can cut into cords) *they sell bags of leather scrap at craft stores with cords in them!

Small piece of Leather


Start by cutting out small square donuts from your leather.  You will need 3 per planter.


Next take 3 pieces of your leather cord and tie a knot at the bottom.  These cords will be known as the vertical cords.


Near the bottom of your cords (maybe about 4 inches from the knot) hold a leather square behind the cord.


Take your last piece of cording (this will be known as the horizontal cord) and thread it underneath the leather, through the hole, over the first piece of cording, and back through the hole.  See the picture below?  The horizontal cord is holding the entire thing together.


Repeat 2 more times.  Place your planter inside the vertical cords, resting on the knot.  Adjust the vertical cords so that they are evenly spaced and tie a knot in your horizontal cord. (It is really easy to slide the squares up and down to make them level)



Trim your knot if you want (or leave it, because that is adorable as well.)  Tie all of the vertical cords together and you are ready to hang it!




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